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Roles and Activities

The New Zealand Shipping Federation represents New Zealand ship owners and operators, both nationally and internationally. It is a voice for New Zealand shipping.

It performs a number or important roles, including:

Shipping Advocacy
Public policy decisions about the likes of transport investment, maritime training support, maritime safety and environmental regulation all have an important influence over the competitiveness and fortunes of the shipping industry. Part of the Federation's business is to monitor policy developments and ensure Ministers, government officials, select committee members, members of Parliament, regional and district councillors, amongst others, are aware of the shipping perspective when making policy decisions.
Often this advocacy role will be in response to proposed policies, such as changes to the Maritime Transport Act or introduction of the Emissions Trading Scheme. Sometimes this advocacy role is more proactive and strategic, intended to draw attention to important transport and shipping issues and opportunities.

Representation and Networks
The Federation is a member of various national and international bodies and advisory groups, through which it contributes to shipping and transport affairs.
The Federation is a member of several advisory bodies in New Zealand, including the Maritime Sector Reference Group and the Oil Pollution Advisory Committee. In addition to formal relationships, the Federation works closely with many transport agencies and organisations, business and employee groups – for instance, Maritime New Zealand, the Ministry of Transport, the Chartered Institute of Transport and Logistics, the Maritime Union of New Zealand, the Merchant Services Guild, port companies, the Maritime School of New Zealand as well as the Australian Shipowners Association.
The Federation provides a forum for its members to come together and discuss issues of mutual interest. It meets formally as a group several times a year, but there is almost daily communication between the Executive Director and member companies.

Information and Research
The Federation acts as a information and news hub for its members, disseminating information from a range of sources – from international organisations like the IMO, ICS and ISF to local organisations such Maritime New Zealand, Parliament and the media. In turn, the Federation generates and distributes its own information to key organisations, the media and the wider public. This includes commissioning expert research, making submissions, discussing shipping with the media and presenting to conferences and other audiences.