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Roles and Activities

Coastal shipping is a vital part of New Zealand’s transport infrastructure.Recent events have shown that the coastal network is important for New Zealand economic, environmental and social welfare and vital during emergencies when road links are disabled.

New Zealand depends on coastal ships.For example:

Central and local government decisions as well as port decisions affect the performance of the coastal network.

In the last 24 months, 4 new ships have joined the coastal fleet reflecting investments of over $150million in the New Zealand economy.

The Federation is committed to working with decision-makers to ensure that the best policy settings are in place for the benefit of all New Zealanders.We are happy to work proactively to bring sector knowledge to support the policy-making process.

The Federation remains committed to safe, secure and clean shipping.

In 2015, the Federation published Full Speed Ahead.It is our most recent advice to Ministers, other politicians and officials.It is available at welcome Minister Twyford’s openness to the issues raised by the Federation.

The New Zealand Shipping Federation began in 1906 and is the key representative body for New Zealand’s coastal shippers.