About the New Zealand Shipping Federation

The New Zealand Shipping Federation began in 1906 and is the key representative body for New Zealand’s coastal ship operators.

Members of the Federation are:

Chatham Islands Shipping www.chathamislandsshipping.co.nz

Chatham Islands Shipping Limited (CISL) is the sea freight provider between the Chatham Islands (including Pitt Island) and mainland New Zealand. For this purpose, CISL is operates the vessel MV Southern Tiare and freight depots in Waitangi (Chatham Islands), Napier and Timaru. CISL plays a vital role in supporting the remote community of the Chatham Islands, providing critical infrastructure and services via the sea transport of general cargo, fuel and livestock.CISL is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Chatham Islands Enterprise Trust (CIET), has charitable status and operates on a non-for-profit basis. CIET was established in 1991 for the benefit of the community of present and future inhabitants of the Chatham Islands.

Coastal Bulk Shipping www.coastalbulkshipping.co.nz

Coastal Bulk Shipping operates the M V Anatoki which carries bulk cargo such as wheat, dolomite, cement and fertiliser.

Coastal Oil Logistics www.coll.co.nz

Coastal Oil Logistics Limited (COLL) is a joint venture company between BP Oil New Zealand Limited, Chevron New Zealand, Mobil Oil New Zealand and Z Energy Limited. COLL is primarily tasked with providing its shareholders a safe, efficient and cost effective coordinated coastal shipping service for the transportation of refined petroleum products from Refining New Zealand at Marsden Point to New Zealand’s ports. COLL time charters two modern MR tankers from Silver Fern Shipping Limited.

Holcim www.holcim.co.nz

Holcim operates two ships carrying cement to ports around New Zealand.

Interislander www.interislander.co.nz

KiwiRail operates the Interislander service between Wellington and Picton. This consists of three ships making more than 4,000 crossings each year carrying over 800,000 passengers and nearly 220,000 passenger-accompanied vehicles. In addition, the fleet moves over 2 million lane metres of freight, including rail, each year.

NIWA www.niwa.co.nz

NIWA owns and operates a fleet of state-of-the-art coastal and oceanic research vessels to support marine survey research and development, focused on enhancing the benefits of New Zealand’s marine and geological resources. All three vessels are also available for commercial charter.

Pacifica www.pacship.co.nz

For 30 years now, Pacifica Shipping has been New Zealand’s leading coastal ship operator and domestic cargo carrier. Pacifica offers total transport solutions for producers, manufacturers, exporters, freight forwarders, and other shipping companies, combining the environmental advantages of coastal shipping with efficient distribution and door-to-door deliveries.

Pacifica operates New Zealand crewed and flagged vessels on the New Zealand coast, and is a proud member of the New Zealand Shipping Federation. With calls in the key ports in the North
and South Islands on a weekly basis, Pacifica Shipping is an integral part of New Zealand’s vital transport infrastructure.

Silver Fern Shipping www.sfsl.co.nz

Silver Fern Shipping operates two double-hulled tankers
moving more than 2 million tonnes of oil products (fuel and bitumen) from
Marsden Point to ports around NZ.

StraitNZ Bluebridge www.straitnz.co.nz

StraitNZ Bluebridge Limited operates two vessels between the ports of Wellington and Picton. Shipping heavy vehicles, livestock, containers and all other roll-on, roll off freight it is a vital part of New Zealand's infrastructure linking the North and South islands. Its Bluebridge passenger service provides a customer focused service for passengers and their vehicles in both the domestic and tourist markets.

The first point of contact for the Federation is Clive Glover, President of NZSF clive.glover@straitnz.co.nz