Unions and Employers agree on opportunities in Coastal shipping

Unions and Employers agree that Coastal shipping is an opportunity

“Coastal shipping is ready to accept any challenges from Government and the unions when it comes to increasing the role of coastal shipping in the Kiwi supply chain” said Clive Glover, President of the NZ Shipping Federation today.“We want to work with the government and the unions to remove impediments to and encourage the use of coastal ships.”

Mr Glover was responding to the comments made today by Craig Harrison, National Secretary of the Maritime Union (MUNZ).

“Gaining alignment of everyone in the sector is essential to developing the opportunity that exists.”

Mr Glover said the reliance on the international supply chain with both the effects of Covid disruption and the impacts of the current situation in India, is a corereason to strengthen the NZ supply chain internally.

“Coastal shipping ticks all the boxes, including resilience, lower carbon emissions and more job opportunities for Kiwis”.

“There is increasing awareness that moving goods around New Zealand by coastal ships reduces the carbon footprint for those goods because ships are efficient”.

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