Benefits of shipping:
Resilience for natural disasters or emergencies.
Ships carry hazardous / dangerous cargo more safely than road, rail and air.
15% of New Zealand's inter-regional freight is carried by sea
Ships can handle oversized, heavy and bulky cargo that road, rail and air can't.
Freight volumes are forecast to increase 50% by 2040.
It won't all fit onto our roads!
New Zealand’s total freight task: 278.7 million tonnes.
Coastal shipping carries approx 10 million tonnes (3.5%).
1.15m people are transported across the Cook Strait every year
The volume of domestic freight moved by shipping has increased 50% over the last 10 years.
Approx $28 billion road and rail freight is shipped between the North and South Islands each year
1 standard container Auckland to Christchurch:
road: $2200-$3000
rail: $1300 - $1900
ship: $850 - $1300
418,470 containers are moved around the NZ coast per annum
Shipping: one-eighth the emissions of road per tonne of freight moved
Benefits of shipping:
Lower emissions per tonne of freight moved.
Increasing total freight carried by ship by just 2% would reduce total transport emissions by 16%.
Benefits of shipping:
Greater control over our domestic supply chains.
Shipping: 60% the emissions of rail per tonne of freight moved
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NZ Shipping Federation policy ask for election 2023 (2023)

New Zealand Shipping Federation policy ask for political parties to consider for their respective election policies in 2023.

To ensure we retain a domestic coastal shipping capability we need to:

  • Reform domestic training, introducing an apprenticeship style competency-based system that maximises on-ship training and recognising relevant experience.
  • Streamline immigration and regulatory processes to simplify bringing in overseas seafarers to meet workforce shortages.
  • Apply MARPOL Annex VI Chapter 4 as it is written.
  • Develop a strategy for transitioning coastal shipping to alternate fuels.
  • Ensure all three modes of freight and passenger transportation receive funding that supports operations and key infrastructure.
  • Designate the Northport dry dock as nationally significant infrastructure for consenting purposes.

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